What You Need for a Mountain Trek

Mountain trekking is a favorite hobby of many, incorporating outdoor adventure with exercise and breathtaking views. Whether you’re going on a mountain trek or Nepal or somewhere closer to home, this is the type of adventure that’s exciting and memorable. You’ll want to make sure you bring along everything you need to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. But first of all, understand that trekking is different from summiting. While summiting means reaching the top of the mountain, a trek simply means to journey on foot through the mountain areas. So clearly, you won’t need the extreme amount of supplies and equipment for a trek as you would for a summit! Check out our list of what you should bring along:


Hiking boots

Perhaps the most important piece of equipment you will bring on your journey, a good pair of hiking boots is essential for the comfort and safety of your trek. Trying to cut costs in this area will backfire in the long run, as trekking takes a toll on your footwear and anything less than high-quality may fall apart. The last thing you want is to be stuck without a pair of boots on your trek, so don’t skimp in this area.


Trekking can mean venturing into some areas that get quite chilly as you ascend the mountain. You’ll want to be prepared with layers that can keep you warm, but that you can easily remove and carry once you warm up. Bring a lightweight windbreaker to keep you warm against the sharp winds up on the mountain. Check out Sherpa Adventure Gear for some great outerwear options for your mountain trek.


The sun’s rays can be extremely bright up on the mountain, especially if you’re trekking up where there’s snow. Bring a good pair of sunglasses that offer UV protection for your eyes so you can see clearly as you climb. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as well to protect your skin.

Water bottles

One of the most important things is staying hydrated while you’re trekking. If you’re going on a multi-day trek, bring along multiple water bottles: one for drinking, and one for water preparation. You should also bring along some water purification tablets so you can purify spring water to drink.


Make sure that you bring thick hiking socks to go with your boots. Thin socks will be uncomfortable and you’ll run the risk of getting blisters from your boots. Thick socks will cushion your feet during the many hours of walking that you’ll be doing.


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