Top 5 Beach Breaks

Everyone likes a beach break, whether they are holidaying alone, with the rest of the family or as a couple. Two week stays in resorts are all well and good, but a quick break – even over the course of a weekend – can be an equally refreshing way of getting some sun, not to mention a little fun. But where are the hottest beaches that you can reach for a relatively short break, without having to long haul?

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The popular city of Barcelona only has a small beach, so you might not think of it at first when considering a beach-based break. Nonetheless, you only have to head little further south on the coast to find some wonderfully unspoilt beaches that are not touched by tourists very much at all. Given that Barcelona’s airport is on the south side of the city, you can bypass it altogether and head along the coast from there. Road and rail connections are good from the airport and they hug the coast, so you can pick your point to hit the beach. Try the great beach at Torredembara which is only about 45 minutes away.

Canary Islands

If your want year round access to a beach without having to fly to the Caribbean, then the Canaries still make the best bet. Try the huge wind-sculpted sand dunes at Maspalomas which form a visual backdrop to this long stretch beach. With golden sand, rather than the blackish sands you sometimes find elsewhere in the Canaries, it is located on Gran Canaria and you can enjoy it even in midwinter.

Bulgarian Riviera

Facing the Black Sea, the beaches of Bulgaria are unbeatable for their soft sand. Golden Sands is a typically good Bulgarian resort which has won many awards for its environmental approach. The authorities monitor the water and beach for toxins and there is even solar powered transportation you can use for free. In general, Bulgaria offers exceptional value for money when it comes to beach breaks, but it is always worth taking out travel insurance this far away from home.

Brittany’s Rock Beaches

With some sandy beaches and rocky ones Brittany offers something for everyone. If you prefer exploring rock pools to lazing around on sun loungers, then try the foaming surf at Pentrez Plage in Brittany. You will find acres of white sand as well as rocky outcrops where you can hunt for crabs and other sea life. There are plenty of excellent seafood restaurants in the area, too.

The Algarve

A long time favourite with UK tourists, Portugal’s southern beaches are easily reached and offer something special. Try Sagres beach which lies in the heart of the Algarve. The unspoilt beach is hidden away and sheltered from the Atlantic somewhat by tall orange-looking cliffs. And you are not far from the Costa Vicentina Natural Park, itself well worth a visit. The small town of Sagres has a sleepy feeling to it, but you will be able to find more than enough to entertain you as well as trying some of the local fish dishes.



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