Six Hottest Stag Night Ideas for the Men in Nottingham

Nottingham is a buzzing city with lots to see and do, making it a great place to go on a stag night. Here are six ideas for you to try when booking up a party in this mini metropolis. These tips will make sure that you have a night to remember.

The city of Nottingham is probably best known for its ties to legendary bandit and all-round rascal Robin Hood. So if you are taking a bunch of Merry Men out on a stag party there you might need a bit of inspiration for what to do, and these six schemes will keep everyone happy.

1) Simple Party Pleasures

For a stag weekend that gives you plenty of leeway with activities, it is best to book the evening’s entertainment in advance with a company like Redseven and then let the mood dictate what you do with your time in between. Nottingham has some great night spots, from stylish bars which stay open late to night clubs specialising in the latest modern tunes, or retro themes catering to a diverse array of tastes.

Whatever you do, planning a back to basics stag which puts partying at the top of the agenda should still be carried out thoroughly. So do not leave things to chance and make sure that you invest in any nightclub tickets in advance using the team at Redseven to sort things out.

2) White Water Excitement

Getting your adrenaline pumping on a stag weekend is a great way to keep up morale in the group and stay alert even if you are feeling a bit jaded after a heavy night. And in Nottingham you can go white water rafting to get the ultimate wet and wild thrill which is sure to enliven even the most hardened party sceptic.

3) Game Show Glory

While it may not be as well known as it once was, It’s A Knock Out is still a respected institution of British TV. And in Nottingham you can recreate the experience with your mates, playing a series of challenging and fun games in the great outdoors which will help everyone to bond in the process.

4) Karting Kerfuffle

Go Karting is a hugely popular stag party activity, and for good reason. The karts may be small and the engines tiny, but once you are sitting just inches away from the road surface and skimming along with your foot on the floor, it is easy to see why people love it so much.

Nottingham’s Go Karting centre is a great place for a group of friends to blow off some steam in between other stag activities.

5) Paint The Town Red

For people who are obsessed with Call of Duty, being able to put their digital firearms abilities into action in the real world with a spot of paintballing during a stag party will be a big dose of fun. And there is no better way to start the day than to run around some woods with a gas-powered, paint-spewing rifle in your grip.

6) Buggy & Quad Fun

The final outdoor activities you might want to choose for the stag party you are arranging in Nottingham are quad biking and buggy riding. Taking to off-road courses on these petrol-powered vehicles is quite a different experience to Go Karting, but just as much chaotic fun.

So as you can see, when you decide to bring a stag party to Nottingham, you will certainly have plenty of choice.

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