The Quickest Way Through An Airport


Navigating an airport in this day and age is a very important skill, especially for those that know. This guide will help you get to the airport and through it as quickly as possible. So read on to find out more.

Book a hotel near the airport

This is my favourite little hack when it comes to getting to the airport, going to a hotel that is very close to the airport cuts down on the risk of you missing your flight and makes everything so much less stressful. This can also be a godsend when it comes to long layovers and I often use to book Manchester airport hotels.

Check in online

This is one thing that a lot of people forget to do surprisingly and it means pain at the airport. My hot tip is to take a screenshot of your boarding pass and this prevents you having to load the app of the airline or loading your emails up to find the boarding pass. Alternatively, you could also print the boarding pass, which is perhaps the most reliable method after checking in online.


My hot tip here is to find a line that is filled with business travelers or adults. Children can really slow things down in security and you will notice it the next time you try it. Remember also to take everything out that you need to show in the line rather than when you get to the front of the line. For example, liquids, laptops and other things that might raise questions with security staff. This saves you time and others too!

Immigration and customs

This can be a bit of a sore point for many people and it really depends on which country you are in. In my experience the best things to do here are to be polite, make eye contact and ensure that you know the answers to the questions that will be asked. For example, you should know where you plan to visit or what you will be doing in the country. It is always good to have the address of the place that you are staying too. Being careful of what you say is also important, for example if you are in a country on business, say that you are there for business reasons or for meetings. If you say something like “I am here to work”, it may trigger alarm bells for the security staff.

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