It’s time for a holiday to Turkey!

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world, it is always in the list of top ten most visited places each year. Before I first visited the country I was always hearing about how fantastic it was and how it was many people’s favourite places to visit, needless to say I didn’t believe the hype! Oh how wrong I was! The place is absolutely amazing, it has everything you need and there is something for everyone there. Even after I spent 6 weeks there I felt that I had only seen a tiny glimpse of what the country has to offer, it it so big and so diverse that you could probably spend about 6 months exploring everything that it has to offer. There a stunning beaches, cool hip cities, amazing historical sites, diverse cultures and of course amazing food. If you haven’t been to Turkey then you should go there to experience why it is one of the heavy weights when it comes to popular tourist destinations. Holidays to Turkey are extremely affordable and you will be able visit on any budget, whether you are looking for 5 star luxury or backpacker hostels you will find something that suits your budget. I’m sure you don’t need much more persuasion to hop on a plane and visit this marvellous country, but just incase you do I’ll tell you more about my experiences.


Me and the guys I was travelling with were completely blown away by how friendly the Turkish people are, I would go as far as saying that it is in the top 3 friendliest countries that I ahem been fortunate enough to visit. People go out of there way to help you. One time we were walking along the side of a motorway after a 12 hour train journey, we didn’t have much of an idea where we were going. All of a sudden a man came up to us and asked us where we were going, we told him and then he proceeded to walk us for twenty minutes to our hotel. What makes it more amazing is that he then turned around and went the way we had just come, I don’t think that would happen much back in my home town of London. Everyone is so friendly, I actually had no bad experiences in my whole six weeks of travel. The warmth I felt for people was genuine, it takes a lot to leave me speechless but Turkey you did it!

The next thing that makes a holiday to Turkey great is the food that you can eat. This again would be near the top of my list of best food in the world, not quite as good as Thailand but very very close indeed. There is a mix of eastern and western food on offer, forget the kebabs you eat back home because after visiting Turkey you won’t eat one again. If you have a sweet tooth then over indulge in Baklava, it is so unhealthy but it is too good not to eat! Forget any idea of dieting when you visit Turkey because you have to try everything that you see. What is even more remarkable is that the food is so cheap it is crazy!

So the people are great, the food is delicious and then you have the sites. Turkey is stepped in ancient history, you will see evidence of it’s rich history at every turn. If you love exploring ancient ruins then this is the country for you. Great site, great people, great food, why haven’t you booked your flight already?

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