Head South from Orlando Airport to Miami

Orlando Airport represents a gateway to Florida for many visitors. If you’re planning on heading to Miami, then you can enjoy a drive that takes in some of the finest views available in the state.

Orlando makes a great base for exploring Florida, but many visitors like to tour the state in full, ensuring that they get to see so much more than the famous theme parks. A trip to Miami is likely to be high on your list, given that this is a city that offers a fantastic mixture of culture, shopping and cuisine.

You’ll discover that there are numerous opportunities to drive off in a car hire from Orlando Airport, ensuring that you don’t have to rely on the more limited public transport options. Driving in the US is relatively easy and having access to a car means that you’ll have an increased level of flexibility. You’ll be able to make decisions that really enable you to get the best possible experience, during the course of your visit.

When heading from Orlando Airport to Miami, it is possible to simply take the I-95, which is certainly the fastest route available to you. This road travels through a relatively flat landscape, however, meaning that it’s not as interesting as using the smaller roads that hug the coastline.

You should allow an absolute minimum of 4 hours for your journey, although there’s a strong chance that you’ll want to stop off in some of the small towns that are to be found along the route.

The small city of Palm Bay is a great example of somewhere that demands attention. The nearby Turkey Creek Sanctuary offers some fantastic nature trails, enabling you to experience what it’s like to spend time in an environment that is peaceful and attractive.

As you head further south, you reach the resort of Vero Beach, which includes an impressive art gallery. Within easy reach is the Sebastian Fishing Museum, allowing you to learn more about the ongoing importance of the fishing industry to this region of the United States.

Your next stop is likely to be at West Palm Beach, where it’s easy to spend many hours. McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary is popular with visitors here, providing a comfortable home for many endangered species from around the world. You can receive a guided tour, helping you to learn more about the many snakes, tigers and birds. There are also opportunities to get closer to the animals, ensuring that the overall experience is extremely rewarding.

The city of West Palm Beach boasts some fantastic bars, clubs and restaurants. The nightlife here is vibrant, meaning that you may want to make a reservation at a hotel and extend your visit.

Making your way out of West Palm Beach, you’ll soon pass Fort Lauderdale and find that you are entering the outskirts of Miami. The city of Miami has numerous attractions, from museums to zoos. The Vizcaya Museum is a particular highlight of any visit, with its beautiful gardens.

The actual house that houses the museum has an exciting history and the guided tours mean that this is far from being a boring museum experience. There is enough here to interest those of all ages and it can sometimes feel like you have been placed in a fantasy land, right in the middle of Miami.

The drive from Orlando Airport down to Miami is relatively lengthy, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. As you look out over the ocean on the way south, you’ll realise that this is an enchanting area of the US. You simply won’t be able to resist spending time in some of the unique towns that are to be found along the length of the coastline.

Miami itself can be seen as the jewel at the end of the road. This is a place where you can relax, shop, experience some wonderful museums and forget about the stresses of life at home. You will enjoy the road trip and your final destination.

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