Five Things You Must Do in Croatia

Croatia is a paradise destination that’s not currently one of the most popular in Europe, but it will soon be without a doubt. With such a short flight from most places in Europe and a currency that’s more budget friendly that the Euro, not to mention the abundance of great things to see and do here, Croatia has got traveler’s paradise written all over it. This coastal country is gorgeous and packs a huge punch of awesome activities for any kind of traveler. Don’t miss these things while you’re here on a holiday to Croatia:


Hit the Beach

It goes without saying that when you’re in a place like Croatia, you need to take advantage of the glorious beaches there! It is after all the number one reason why most people visit this country. If sunbathing and relaxing is too low-key for you, there are plenty of more active ways to enjoy the beach. Try snorkeling, water-skiing or boating here. Which leads to…


If you haven’t been scuba diving before, Croatia is an awesome first place to go. Because the coast is really rocky here, it means there’s good visibility underwater so you can see all the life. You can dive at a ship wreck site or explore the reefs around the coast. You can your scuba diving certification here and be good to go.

Go Wine Tasting

You might not think of Croatia as wine country straight off the bat, but they have got some excellent conditions for growing grapes and some gorgeous vineyards to discover. The region has a long history of wine making, so experience it for yourself and book a wine tour.

Island Hop

Why limit yourself to one island in Croatia when there are so many to discover? That’s right, there are more than a thousand islands making up this country so get different vibes and travel around to a few. You might discover that you really love the beach on one, the nightlife on another… so get out and explore!

Hiking and Climbing

Croatia is great for outdoor lovers, and not just for its beaches. There are so many opportunities to enjoy great hiking and rock climbing here as well. The mountains here are especially great for climbers, with less vegetation and excellent edges for climbing. There are lots of marked hiking paths if you don’t feel like blazing your own trail.

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