The Canary Islands in the beautifully set off the shores of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean offer a paradisiacal holiday experience all year round. It is without a doubt the warmest place to be during the cold winter months in Europe and still the best in summer. With its varied and spectacular islands, it offers breathtaking scenes that you can soak in and forget all about weather woes. You can enjoy fun holiday activities such as island hopping, ride camels in Lanzarote, feast in the delights of Tenerife and sunbathe without a care in the world in Fuerteventura’s pristine white sandy beaches.


Greece is a perfect all year round destination where the sun still shines in some parts of Greece even during the cold winter months. A destination stands proud with its rich culture, delightful cuisine, stunning islands and breathtaking beaches, which are some of the best in Europe. It is ideal holiday for families, couples seeking romantic getaways, party lovers, backpackers, the young and the old. Some of the activities that draw travelers’ attention in Greek include cruising, hiking, exploring archeological sites and experiencing the Greek culture. Summer months are the most popular with tourists according to this site, but winter months are also ideal to travel especially since there are lesser crowds and the weather is fine especially in places like Cyprus and Crete.


Majorca is a delightful all year round destination due to its fine Mediterranean climate, dazzling beaches, fabulous resorts and its pulsating nightlife. Its ability to entertain all ages makes it a popular destination for everyone. Historical buffs will find the treasures of Palma irresistible, party lovers will enjoy the buzzing night scene in its major resorts, children will have the time of their lives in the water parks and adrenaline seekers can enjoy hiking and cycling.

The Tramuntana Mountains are ideal for hikers; Palma City offers incredible shopping experience and Europe’s biggest nightclub. Whether you want to travel in summer or winter, you will always find something exciting in Majorca.


Hidden in the collision of blue waters deep in the Atlantic is the stunning island of Madeira, which many only seem to recognize only in summer. Madeira is an all year round destination, thanks, to its fantastic sunny weather throughout the year.

Forget about spending the winter indoors praying that your fireplace will survive the coldest months of the year and spend the festive season lazing on a sunny tropical beach. During winter, Madeira receives lesser tourists and you can enjoy a low cost holiday in the sun. Explore Funchal, the island’s capital and be amazed by its intriguing mix of ancient and modern architecture tumbling down a steep slope and offers magnificent sea views from a vantage point. The red-roofed houses with whitewashed walls descending dangerously to the blue seas are a site to behold. For those who can hardly climb to the top, there is a cable car to facilitate your climb. Away from the magnificent city, you can enjoy black volcanic sandy beaches or a nature trek in the world’s largest Laurel forest.


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