Breaking the Bank

Whoever thought up the idea of putting a gambling metropolis in the middle of the desert in Nevada State must have been crazy but it has clearly worked as millions of people visit Las Vegas every year to watch some of the best shows in the world. However, the main reason that the hordes flock to this town is purely financial. People come here with their hard earned cash to win or lose a fortune. For sure, Vegas will give you plenty of opportunities to do so. It is estimated that around $5 billion is taken by the 23 casinos operating on the strip every year. That is more than many countries GDP’s.

The casinos obviously have lots of choices for the punter to try his luck with pure games of chance or some slightly more sophisticated options. Roulette is what many people play as it really doesn’t take much thinking about. It simply requires you to make a choice between numbers or colors or both. With a single number paying back at 33/1 the odds seem pretty good, but you do have 37 to choose from so inevitably the house always wins. You are probably better off putting a large amount on either red or black and if you win you double your money and walk away.

As far as card games go, blackjack is probably the easiest for an amateur. Basically in this game you are dealt two cards to begin with and you can either buy more cards from the dealer or hold. The aim is to get as close to a card value of 21 as possible. As long as you can beat what the dealer has and not go over 21 you will double your stake money. It is foolish in this game to take the dealer on one on one as you are maximizing house odds. It is better to play with six or seven other players as this way you can afford to hold on mid -range scores forcing the dealer to turn and hopefully bust their hand.

Other games like baccarat or poker are a little more complicated and best left to the experienced players. With the rise of internet gambling, many more people are getting valuable experience online before taking on each other in poker tournaments. The difference with poker, especially two card Texas hold em, is that you are not playing the house but other players. Some casinos host major tournaments with the eventual winners walking away with millions of dollars. Not bad for a few days work.   

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