Awesome Outdoor Adventure Holidays

Have you ever been on a holiday where you had fun, but just felt like you could have experienced a lot more? Are you not satisfied unless you’re getting sweaty, adventurous and trying something totally new? You might just be an adventure-junkie, and you might be craving a holiday that’s filled with excitement and activity. Luckily, there are lots of ways to get your outdoor adventure fix. Here are some ideas:


Skiing and snowboarding

If you have time to travel during the winter, head to one of the amazing slopes out there to enjoy a holiday of winter sports. The French and Italian Alps are a great choice if you’re looking for some of the best slopes in the world to try out your ski or snowboard skills. You can take lessons or just head out on your own to enjoy the incredible powder. And pick up some outdoor gear from Epicentre before you go, to keep you warm and comfortable.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking holidays are becoming a very popular way to see a new country, so don’t miss your chance to take part. Join an organized mountain biking tour in an outdoorsy place like Austria or France and head out on an unforgettable adventure that will show you the greatest trails and breathtaking views. Or you can opt to rent bikes independently and explore on your own!


Hiking is a great outdoor sport because you can make it a part of your holiday either as a full-on excursion, or a daily trip. You can pack your bags and go backpacking and camping for multiple days or just take a day trip to some gorgeous hiking trails. Either way, hiking will add a wonderful outdoor element to your holiday, wherever you choose to travel.


Whitewater rafting

Traveling somewhere warm where a little time in a cool river will chill you out? If you love excitement and thrills, whitewater rafting is a super fun way to enjoy a day of your trip. It’s easy to find rafting tours at any level, so whether you’re looking for something tame or something to blow you out of the water (so to speak), make sure to include whitewater rafting as an adventure on your holiday.


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