Antarctica Travel Guide


You may have been wondering “can I go to Antarctica?” and the answer is a big yes. It is one of those very special places on earth that you need to find a way to get to. If it is possible for you to travel there, you are in for a treat, but how exactly does one travel there? I thought I would take a little bit of time to answer all the burning questions about traveling to one of the most isolated places on earth and will surely answer your question of “can I go to Antarctica?”.

How to get there

Getting there is a little bit of a journey in itself, but one that is well worth it. The vast majority of trips to Antarctica are via cruise ship from South America. These naturally leave from Southern Argentina due to its relative location to Antarctica and most leave from the city of Ushuaia. From here the cruise ship will cross the Drake Passage, which is the body of water between South America and Antarctica.

When To Go

The only time that is possible to go to Antarctica is in the summer months, which begins in November and ends at the end of March (the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere). During this time it is perfect to go because the temperatures are not so extreme like the winter and there is a lot of daylight. In fact at times there are even over 20 hours of daylight during the summer months.

What to pack

Naturally packing the right things is important for going to Antarctica, especially in some colder conditions. Here are some of the best things to take with you:

  • Layers – layering is the easiest way to stay warm in the cold Antarctic conditions. Thinner layers are better because you can easily take them off and put them on. The weather can be cold to mild, so this is absolutely ideal and is better than fewer thick layers, which mean that you will be either too cold or too warm
  • Medicine – it is important to have any prescriptions that you need before you go because there will most certainly be no opportunities to buy it on the most isolated place on the planet! Some anti nausea medication will also help if you do happen to get seasick, which can happen on the Drake Passage.
  • A camera and binoculars – one of the best things about Antarctica are the fantastic photo opportunities.

Things To Do

There is so much to do in Antarctica, some of my favourite things were:

  • Kayaking – this is one of the best things that you can do in Antarctica and there is nothing better than kayaking around the icebergs and getting up close and personal with them. You will realise their size and you can truly appreciate the landscape and seascape from sea level. This is also a great way to get closer to animals that your cruise ship can’t reach reach.
  • Watch the wildlife – there is a diverse range of wildlife in Antarctica and it is probably the most unlikely place to see animals, but they have somehow found their way here. There is a huge range of seals, penguins, whales and various other birds. It is amazing to see the miracle of life in the most unlikely of places.
  • Sleep on the continent  – You definitely need to sleep on the continent if you get the chance. How many of your friends can say that they have done the same?

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