5 Tips for Sticking With a Fitness Program

Fitness and exercise are essential for maintaining good health; this is a fact that’s well-known and acknowledged by most people! But putting it into practice can be an entirely different story altogether. So why is it so hard for many people to exercise regularly, even though they know it’s the healthiest choice? The answer usually comes in the form of excuses: there’s not enough time, the exercise isn’t making a difference, or there’s not enough extra money to join a gym. Well it’s time to let the excuses go, and follow some great tips for sticking with that fitness regimen, starting today!


Schedule it in

You wouldn’t miss a meeting with your boss that you’ve got scheduled in your calendar, would you? Well, treat yourself with the same respect, and schedule in some time with yourself and your yoga mat or running shoes. When you make exercise a priority in your calendar, you’ll want to be able to cross it off and know that you fulfilled your commitment.

Join a Fitness Program

It can feel a thousand times easier to exercise regularly when you’re part of an exercise program, and when there are other people around for support! It’s also way more fun to exercise as part of a group. So join the HBF Fitness Outdoor Spring Program which starts on October 6, 2014, at 18 different locations across Western Australia.

Treat yourself

Oftentimes, a small reward after exercising can be all you need to turn this activity into a habit. So enjoy a delicious and healthy smoothie after a run, or treat yourself to a pedicure or massage if you successfully complete your fitness routine for a week.

Try something new

Sick and tired of the same old exercises like running or going to the gym? Try a new activity to spark the excitement again. Pick up your bike and start riding to work, or try a new fun sport like rock climbing or kayaking. Even better, get your friends and family to join in! The more fun you’re having, the more likely you’ll be to stick with your new fitness routine.

Work towards a goal

Look at an event you’d love to participate in, and make that your goal for your fitness program. Maybe it’s a marathon or half-marathon, or maybe you’ve always wanted to complete a mini-triathlon. You can also use goals like a big hike with friends or a kayaking trip a few months out. Whatever kind of fitness goal will help you stay on track, use this as motivation to keep exercising regularly and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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