5 Tips for Business Travelers

 If you’re someone who travels for work, you probably know all about the stress and hassle of racing to catch planes, juggling all of your work items and electronics and dealing with airline restrictions (to name a few!) However, business travel doesn’t have to be a total circus! Here are some tips to make your business trip smooth and manageable:


Pack Smart

The great thing about business traveling is that you’re rolling with just a carry-on bag, so no waiting around for luggage claim! Pack for the reality of overhead space, which truly isn’t much. It’s usually smart to pack two equal sized bags so you can put one under the seat and one overhead. Keep your electronics all in one place, so you can work on the plane if need be. And if you’re a frequent traveler, you might want to consider insurance for domestic travel. It will take care of you if the unexpected happens, such as an airline misplacing or losing your luggage.

Ask for Upgrades

The classic adage goes “you never know until you try”- and it really does apply to business travelers. When you’re dressed sharply, use it to gain extra perks on your business trip. When you check in for your flight, ask with a friendly smile if there are any upgrades available- you may find yourself bumped up a class. The same goes for hotels, rentals cars or anywhere else that specials could be available for those with a friendly query.

Find a Routine

When you create routines for boarding the plane, eating, and sleeping when traveling for work, you won’t believe the time it will save you. Organize your bags to have everything you need available before you board a long-distance flight. Try to adjust the local time when you arrive, because jet lag will seriously hinder your productivity. Staying up until nighttime instead of napping during the day if you’ve just traveled internationally will help beat jet lag.

Stay Healthy

With work in mind, it’s easy to forget to take your own health into consideration when traveling, but it’s so important. Eating right, getting enough sleep and avoiding alcohol will do wonders for your mindset and energy and help you get lots more done on your trip.

Increase Productivity

Make sure that your hotel has a reliable internet connection before arrival so you don’t waste time getting to work. Use time on the plane to catch up on any writing or non-internet work. If your trip involves meeting with clients or colleagues, get a quick nap in after landing to be energized for maximum productivity.


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