5 Reasons To Start A Travel Blog Today

how to start a travel blog

It really isn’t important if you don’t know how to start a travel blog, but the benefits of starting one can be really fantastic. For me, it has seriously enriched my life more than I thought would be possible for typing a bit on my keyboard and writing my thoughts down. I highly recommend that anyone start a travel and here are some reasons to start yours today.

It is easy

Before I knew how to start a travel blog I thought it would be hard and it was one of the best things that I ever did to just take the plunge and make one. Of course my first attempt wasn’t pretty, especially in the beginning, but I worked at it and I am so glad that I did. It is however quite an easy process that simply involves finding a company to host your site, buying a domain name and installing WordPress. That is all I have ever really needed along the way and the costs are very low, much lower than going out for a few drinks and much more rewarding of course.

You get to know cool people

I really like that when I first started my blog that I was able to write about my travels and it was my family and friends that were reading about my adventures. After some time, something happened that I would have never expected, complete strangers begun to read my blog! This was great because I couldn’t really understand why they would be interested in my journey, but it also gave me more of a purpose to get my travel blog in order. I am very proud of how it looks today and the work I have put in.

You remember things you otherwise wouldn’t

I read back on certain travel stories on my blog quite often and it is the perfect way to keep my memory fresh and to relive and enjoy all of those memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. If you don’t get anything else from starting a travel blog than this, then I wouldn’t be concerned. I would do it all again just for this reason alone!

It is a great hobby

For me personally, I really love to read and write and having my travel blog is a perfect creative outlet for me. I really like to talk about what I enjoy about travel and what the best ways are to do it. I also really enjoying helping other people to enjoy travel and I have made a lot of mistakes during my travels and I love to educate people so they don’t have to be in these sticky situations.

You can make money

One thing that really surprised me was that I was able to make some money from my blog. Combining doing something what you love with earning a little bit of money has been hugely rewarding for me and does not feel like work at all. This is something that you can possibly do to, especially if you put some effort into your blog.


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