4 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Getaways

Are you someone who loves to get swept up in the excitement and celebration of the New Year? Or do you prefer to keep things calm and reflective as you pass from one year to the next? Either way, getting out of town for New Year’s Eve can be just the ticket for a fun and memorable holiday. But if you haven’t made your plans yet, don’t worry! Here are some great ideas for last-minute getaways to make your New Year spectacular:


New York City

You might not think of it as a place you can just hop on over to for a last-minute getaway, but the fact is that time between Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to explore New York like a local. The city is still brimming with holiday spirit and the New Year’s celebration itself is nothing short of spectacular. Join thousands of others in watching the incredible fireworks show over the water.


Edinburgh is an easy flight from London, so you can park your car at Short Stay Parking at Heathrow and take off for an unforgettable New Year’s celebration. In Edinburgh, they enjoy one of the most unique and longstanding New Year’s traditions around. You’ll see remnants of traditional pagan celebrations including a torchlight procession and exchanging of some small gifts to bring in the New Year.


As the hub for United Airlines, Chicago is easily reachable by direct flight from many spots around the world, making it a perfect last-minute getaway for the New Year. A winter-friendly public transportation system makes Chicago great for out-of-towners so you can have easy adventures throughout the neighborhoods. The thriving restaurant and bar scene along with so many great entertainment options and a spectacular New Year’s fireworks show makes this the perfect city for ringing in the New Year.


If you’re looking for a memorable last-minute New Year’s getaway, why not head to one of the world’s most glorious cities, the City of Light itself? Whether you’re eating, drinking, dancing or sightseeing, you’ll never have a dull moment in Paris, especially around the holidays. If you’re in the mood for large groups of people and an immense fireworks show, then hang out on the streets for the street parties. If you’re into entertainment, there are plenty of cabaret shows to suit your fancy. And of course, if gourmet food and wine is your thing, you could not be in a better city to find it!

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