CANARY ISLANDS The Canary Islands in the beautifully set off the shores of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean offer a paradisiacal holiday experience all year round. It is without a doubt the warmest place to be during the cold winter months in Europe and still the best in summer. With its varied and spectacular islands, it offers breathtaking scenes that you can soak in and forget all about weather woes. You can enjoy fun holiday activities such as island hopping, ride camels in Lanzarote, Read more [...]

6 Hidden Gems for a Cotswolds Break

When people think of the UK, the first thing that pops out in their minds is London, and they’re pretty much done with their thought process. From the stunning mountains in Wales to the intricate cobbled streets in Edinburgh, the UK certainly has a plethora of great things to offer. A lot of people have travelled, studied and worked in England, but missed out on the great opportunity to travel deep within the skirts of the ethereal beauty of this country. One of the places that should not be Read more [...]

5 Tips for Sticking With a Fitness Program

Fitness and exercise are essential for maintaining good health; this is a fact that’s well-known and acknowledged by most people! But putting it into practice can be an entirely different story altogether. So why is it so hard for many people to exercise regularly, even though they know it’s the healthiest choice? The answer usually comes in the form of excuses: there’s not enough time, the exercise isn’t making a difference, or there’s not enough extra money to join a gym. Well it’s Read more [...]

5 Tips for Packing for a Cruise

Are you getting ready for your first cruise? Get excited, because you’re about to have a blast. Celebrity cruises are a fantastic way to see a number of destination, all while enjoying the comfort and luxury of fine accommodation, food and entertainment. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Just make sure you follow these packing tips so you can enjoy your trip to the max: Bring the Basics Think about the things you need on a daily basis, and assume that you’ll have to provide that for Read more [...]
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