Reflexology in New York

Reflexology can be defined as an alternative medical process that involves applying pressure on particular points on the ears, hands, and feet. This procedure can be traced back to ancient Chinese who used manual therapy on the feet so as to relieve stress and pain. The practice has become very popular in the modern field of therapy. New York City Reflexology professionals argue that your feet and hands correspond to other parts of the body. Massaging them therefore implies that the parasympathetic Read more [...]

Gift Ideas for Your Traveling Loved One

Everyone travels for different reasons, for different lengths of time. Some people are even gone for months at a time. When people are gone for an extended period of time, they may start to grow homesick and miss their friends and family members. Should this happen, they may enjoy having items that remind them of the people they love and their home. So, when a birthday or holiday rolls around, or even when you are just looking to cheer up your homesick loved one, you can send them a gift to let them Read more [...]

Reasons to visit Mecca

Mecca holds great significance for Muslims everywhere for many cultural and historical reasons. Saudi Arabian Airlines can easily get you to Mecca and accessing this wonderful city should not be a problem; hence, you can sit back, relax and enjoy reading more about what makes Mecca such a special place.   The Hajj This is an annual religious event where Muslims from all across the world travel to Mecca as a pilgrimage that must be fulfilled at least once in their life, if they possess Read more [...]

Head to Melbourne for the 2015 Australian Open    

The Australian Open will mark the start of the tennis action in 2015 – all eyes will be watching the Plexicushion arena in Melbourne park between 19th January and 1st February. It is quite a popular tournament to attend – with attendance in the past 7 events been over 600,000. This year, the Australian Open has defined its ‘heat’ policy, because of which the games will be shifted inside if the temperature crosses 40 centigrade (it will shift on a break or on the completion of an even numbered Read more [...]
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